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With this issue we, Sophie Lovell and Stephan Ott, have taken over editorial responsibility for form. On the one hand this is an enormous honour, considering the magazine was first published back in 1957, but creating a print product in the year 2012 is also an enormous challenge on the other. Competing for resources such as attention will keep us busy as well. We both agree, however, that our aim should not be to attract you with “faster, higher, further” and definitely not with “flashier, bigger, cooler”.
It is not our intention to reinvent form but to reflect on its strengths as well as our own. You can be sure to expect a form that is interdisciplinary, international, and journalistically competent.
For now, we have made just a few changes within the framework and pattern of the existing magazine, (for our re-launch planned for 2013 will allow ourselves to take the necessary time). We have expanded sections at the beginning and at the end, with, for example, a much more comprehensive Agenda. In the future, we will also continue to expand the Discourse section with more, original articles. The column Material Research will again become a regular element as will a commentary written by a different author each issue. And for the regular form poster we will regularly be giving carte blanche to two prominent figures selected from different areas of design.

Other Topics:
On big mammas and little brothers: Rivalry and cultivated clichés between two related disciplines +++ The World is not Fair: A project by the architects’ collective raumlaborberlin and the Hebbel am Ufer +++ Livestyle loves Lettering: Established by the Danish typographers e-Types and initially conceived as a temporary popup store, the popularity of Playtypes, just keeps growing +++ God is in the Details: Swiss designer Jörg Boner has designed a studio space fort he Zurich Museum Riedberg.

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