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Over the last three years, Strelka has made a name for itself as a platform for creativity, inventiveness and cultural cooperation in the fields of architecture, design and media.
This non-profit organization brings together creative individuals from around the world at its premises on Moscow’s Bolotny Island. Here knowledge from a wide range of areas is gathered together and communicated; new ideas are developed and implemented in joint projects. The venue hosts open lectures, conferences and film screenings. The institute’s bar is not only a place for social networking, but also a source of financial support.

Moscow Urban Forum
4–5 Dec 2012
Voznesensky Lane 22
125009 Moscow

Strelka Institute
14, BLDG. 5A,
Bersenevskaya Embankment
119072 Moscow

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The Strelka Institute building, located on the site of a former chocolate factory on Bolotny Island, not far from the Kremlin and Gorky Park. The complex includes four studios, a lecture hall, a media library, a large amphitheatre and a bar with a roof terrace.

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