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Husband and wife team Julia and Roman Bittner set up their graphic studio Apfel Zet together with Jarek Sierpinski after leaving the Stuttgart Academy of Art in 1997. As children of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s they see themselves as “eclecticists and modernism critics who are not afraid to tackle and incorporate the plethora of styles that the world of graphic design has to offer”. They are particularly fond of heavily decorative and overladen fl oral motifs but also cite constructivism, the Ulm School and Swiss typography amongst their influences. Clients include Penguin Books, Die Zeit and Bauwelt.
This issue’s collaboration was not an obvious combination of partners: thoroughly postmodernist illustrators meet a food happening collective. We were not at all sure what the result would be. Strangely enough the way they ended up working together was in a fairly traditional branding exercise – albeit with a rather large twist.
Francesca Sarti suggested an adventurous starting idea of a nocturnal feast in a baroque setting like the impressive Joanina library in the University of Coimbra in Portugal. It was a mythical vision with strange food-related customs and rituals, complete with creatures of the night, such as bats and creepy crawlies. Roman Bittner took up the baton and turned her vision into a set of alternative packaging designs for ‘Nocturno Dining’ gourmands, or in Sarti’s words: “Four coloured boxes, four different recipes, one brand, and an imagined ‘Nocturno Dining’ deli label, promoting mysterious and intriguing delicacies for unexpected night-time snacks”. A surprising, but somehow rather satisfying synergy.

The poster can be ordered here.

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