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But what meaning do they really have for us? What relationship do we have to them? How does an inanimate gadget become an indispensable companion? How do belongings reach into our lives and what do they do to us?
From now on, these are the kinds of questions we would like to pursue in DING magazine, a project under the auspices of the Faculty for Design at the Munich University of Applied Sciences, coordinated by Prof Markus Frenzl. The first issue of DING magazine presents in five sections the various emotions we have towards our personal belongings. These go from love, storytelling, use and performance all the way to hatred.
Each section is dedicated to one object, and presents a favourite thing, a memory thing, an in-between thing, an ego thing and last but not least, an outrageous thing.
We feature things in the lives of the famous and the unknown by peeking through their keyholes. And in each issue of the magazine, we will accompany one designer who will talk about his or her favourite and most outrageous things. This issue reports on which objects take prominence in the life of the well-known Munich lamp designer, Ingo Maurer.

The project is the brainchild of the design department and specifically the course in design criticism initiated by Markus Frenzl. Not only did the students have to produce all the editorial content themselves, but they also had to organize the design and production of the whole issue. We were happy to support them in this endeavour since the promotion of young journalists who take an informed and critical approach to design is one of our own key objectives, too. Non-subscribers can purchase DING via for €10 including postage and packaging.

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