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Fermin Guerrero was born in Uruguay and now lives in Geneva where he studies Visual Communication at the Haute École d’Art et de Design (HEAD). He trained initially as an industrial designer but is now making a name for himself as a typographer and graphic designer. His work has been featured in Étapes, TYPO, Novum and on the cover of the 2013 New York Time Out guide. Guerrero’s Manifesta font family, published last year, was also featured in form #243.
The three designers, based in three different cities, developed their concept together via Skype and email, drawing inspiration from the likes of Paul Jackson, AG Fronzoni (see form #245, p. 70), Joseph Albees and others. “Right from the beginning”, says Guerrero, “we all agreed that we wanted to do something minimalist and strong, that allowed for interaction to occur”.
The result is a poster that requires input from the end-user to become complete. It represents the relationship between designer, producer and user and the shift in emphasis in this relationship exacerbated by the omnipresence of communication media. form magazine’s tagline ‘The Making of Design’ delivered the inspiring impulse, say the designers: “The design process is always a sensual experience of materiality and we wanted to transform that into an experience with our poster. You take the paper in your hands and actually make something out of it rather than just look at it. Design is not sacrosanct; design makes things for using”.
“‘The Making of Design’”, say Studio Hausen, “could be understood today, in the age of do-it-yourself and the maker movement, as an appeal. We are great supporters of this new independence in design creation whereby the designer is not reliant upon the know-how of a company but has a direct dialogue with his or her customer. In this respect the point is not about relaying goods but strategies that empower them to make them themselves. The sentences ‘V is for Vision’ and ‘A is for Action’ on the poster that the reader has to complete themselves can be understood as representative of this new relationship between designer and ‘user’”.

The poster can be ordered here.

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