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One booklet looks at the work of the designer as a journalist, a creator of compact and easily digestible reflections on new developments; another at the designer as a scientist, one who analyses complex systems in order to bring clarity to the subject; a third at the designer as an agitator, as someone questioning our opinion(s) by provoking public debate; a fourth at the designer as a poet, as one sharing their personal reflections on reality in order to stimulate our imagination. With its exploration of these different roles, the publication helps designers to recognise and appreciate the possibilities visual communication offers and to understand the responsibility towards society it brings.

Dennis Elbers (Hrsg./Ed.)
Search Find Like Share. Perspectives in visual storytelling
Graphic Design Festival Breda 2012
4 Hefte (64 Seiten) / 4 booklets
(64 pages)
ISBN 978-94-90888-02-2

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