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When not busy with both business enterprises, or her young family, Hansen also sings backing vocals for the French chansonnier Benjamin Biolay. It is here that her path finally crosses with M/M (Paris) – although they have still never met. M/M (Paris) have designed nearly all the cover artwork for Benjamin Biolay’s albums, art-directed three of his videos and kept a close guiding hand on his public image. For Biolay’s latest single release, “Le Lac Gelé” (featuring Gesa Hansen), M/M (Paris) decided not to feature any photos or imagery of the singer, so they composed two complementary typefaces called Vengeance MM and Vengeance Alternate that were, says Augustyniak, “designed to build up strong graphic images”.
After talking on the phone with Hansen about the form poster concept, adds Augustyniak, they “decided to give her a brief – to reinterpret the song, not as a singer but as a graphic designer”. Their thinking, he explains was that by “visually remixing the song she should be able to express her ideas in a different format”. Hansen, who initially trained to be a graphic designer, took the typefaces and turned them into 3D wooden objects shaping the words: “Le Lac Gelé” in her studio before asking the photographer Nathalie Mohadjer to shoot them as an ensemble by the nearby lake. “It‘s the first time that I rebuilt a type in 3D,” says Hansen, “but I have to say that their type was perfect for this; minimalist as it is.”
Although a little disappointed that Hansen did not turn the letters into a “shelving unit”, Amzalag and Augustyniak are pleased with the result, adding her own “poetic touch”. “She is the new generation,” adds Augustyniak, so passing on their own work to Hansen for re-interpretation was a logical approach for them. “A designer,” he concludes, “should be able to spread out his ideas into different formats and combine them in the end in a way that produces meaning.”

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