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form 206 - January/February 2006

Home Fabrication. The new desktop revolution.
Is the one-man company now being followed by the one-man factory? Complex CAD programs and ever cheaper and smaller lathes and mills enable designers to manufacture their own small series of products. In light of this, we are focusing on a topic that could soon change the face of the design community. And have consulted the pros and the geeks who are prioritizing small-scale home production. Nick Gershenfeld, MIT professor and specialist in the field gives an appraisal of the potential the new opportunities offer.

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Hella goes Ikea.
Dutch designer Hella Jongerius, famed for her artistic and fragile objects, has created four vases for Ikea, whose design is subject to the laws of mass production. But did this mean the idiosyncratic Dutch lady had to bow down to the demands of the Ikea product managers, or did she remain faithful to her own credo?

Stories that knock you off your feet.
Constantin Boym provides a poetic series of images describing the history of sitting and thus that of the chair, too. From comfortable slab of rock to sharp-edges designer chairs. 




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