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form 207 - March/April 2006

Our cover story: Design Cities
Cities have been competing against each other since time immemorial, and there is no question that design has also had a part to play in this. Yet only now, in the last few months, have numerous cities been courting the official label “Design City”. The International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID) probably set the wheels of the competition rolling when it recently proclaimed Turin as “World Design Capital 2008”. Now, other cities want to jump on the bandwagon with similar titles. We investigate concepts and backgrounds with the help of the examples of Turin, Eindhoven, Shenzhen and Berlin. And legendary British designer Peter Saville explains his work on the relaunch of an entire city, namely, Manchester. 


A man called Chip Kidd
New York designer Chip Kidd has designed over 800 book covers. Now he is presenting the first overview of his work entitled “Book One”. He confided in us that the search for the perfect cover motif sometimes drives him crazy even today.

New textiles
They have been absolutely indispensable for a long time on both the body and in the home. Now, textiles can also be used in model making and architecture. We show you what’s new in home textiles, including decorative materials and carpets, and innovative technical fabrics.  




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