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form 209 - July/August 2006

Our cover story: Communicating Design
A good idea or a nicely done prototype are not sufficient to sell design. If you want to be a successful designer, know-how on how to acquire clients, how to present and communicate your work is a must. We provide information and suggestions and have renowned designers talk about their experience. What are the challenges of acquiring clients? How do you prepare for a presentation? Which possibilities are there to get in touch with press and media? 


Whimsical creatures composed of ornaments, symbols and comic strip elements done by French Graphic Designers Antoine+Manuel play the leading role in our special feature on finishing techniques.

Making of
There are no dynamic or nostalgical outlines in GRO Design's electronic scooter Scoot – an effective strategy of distinction. We describe the design process of the vehicle that until now remains a model.




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