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200 Things about Design you didn't know you didn't know

Celebrate with us!
We’ve dreamed up something special to mark the 200th issue of form. The focus of the issue will be on 200 indispensable items of, facts or curios from the history of design. For example, what do Luigi Colani, Bazon Brock and Gui Bonsiepe have in common? What famous architect and designer once had to create a pigsty (image)? What marvelous rock song was the Memphis group named after? Who exactly was Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart? And what did Max Bill build for Willy Fleckhaus? You’ve no doubt already noticed: without our charmingly illustrated and insightful special 200 issue you won’t survive such trivial pursuits as design exams or designer parties. Look forward now to giving even your small talk well-designed substance!

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