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form 211 - November/December 2006

Our cover story: Packaging Design
The impact that the design of the packaging has on the success of a product is often underrated. Even though the outer wrapping of a product is its key characteristic to distinguish it from its competitors. But how does one design effective packaging? And what role play branding, typography, material, and color? Renowned packaging designers such as Hubert Jocham or Andreas Unger answer these questions. And so does our conference on packaging design. It will be held on December 7 and 8 in Cologne in cooperation with Forum Institut. For more information please visit 


Making of
When developing subcompact cars, saving fuel is the foremost ambition –and not achieving driving pleasure. This does not always have to be true. Munich-based designer Peter Naumann developed a three wheeler that is equipped with spectacular tilting technology.

Reza Abedini
So far, not much has been heard of Iranian poster designer Reza Abedini in the European design world. In December he will be awarded with a design prize worth 100,000 Euros in the Netherlands. A profile by Annette Tietenberg. 




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