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form 215: Juni / Juli 2007

Cover story
The Internet is changing. It is becoming ever more the case nowadays that users themselves are the ones defining the online worlds or putting their own material on the net. A movement known as Web 2.0 and which designers also know how to make use of. New communities have formed on blogs, platforms and wikis on which users can not only present their works and exchange opinions, but can also develop ideas together. Here, we present the most important design websites and their creators. And we explore what possibilities the virtual 3D platform Second Life offers designers.  


New: Discourse
Design theory is getting its own form slot: the “Discourse” section. This time round, Berlin-based researchers Gesche Joost and Sandra Buchmüller focus on the impact Web 2.0 has on the role of designers.

CAD applications at Bianchi
The new carbon frame created by bicycle-makers Bianchi has nothing in common with a good old bike frame and its round cross-sections. We show how the Bianchi designers used the 3D CAD system thinkiD designXpressions in the design process.





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