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form 216: September/October 2007

Our Cover Story: Ecology and Design
Climate change has long since ceased to not only be an issue for politicians and the media. An increasing number of companies are marketing products that are sold as being ecologically meaningful. So when is ecology simply a marketing instrument and when is it based on truly sustainable ideas? And what role can designers play in implementing ecologically meaningful products? We show what current product development strategies there are and the approach that should be taken if you want to produce sustainable printed matter. 


Hideki Inaba
Hideki Inaba is one of the few independent designers in the Japanese graphic design scene. And its shooting star. With a three man studio and a signature all of its own its client base includes firms such as Nike, Apple and Levi’s. We visited him in Tokyo.

If you ask me
To date we have been familiar with open source from the world of software. However, designers also use open source processes in order to work together on a design using open files. Dose it actually lead to better results? A survey among designers.  




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