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form 217 – November / December 2007

Cover story: Projects on Hold - Design for the Drawer?
A great many projects and prototypes disappear into the wastepaper basket before a product comes onto the market or goes to print. And sometimes a design which is really good is not realized. A bitter experience that every designer has gone through at least once. Yet what can you do when your work is rejected? We show unrealized projects from renowned designers’ drawers and tell their stories.  


Carson in Zurich
US graphic designer David Carson has relocated his office to Zurich. Editor-in-Chief Gerrit Terstiege visited the icon of design and asked him why he, the master of wild typo, decided to set up shop in the very settled of Switzerland, of all places.

The new Concept Cars: IAA 2007
It can’t get any greener! At this year’s IAA motor show, everything hinged on eco-friendly cars. Automobile designer Lutz Fügener was there to take a closer look for us at the concept cars presented by VW, Opel, Renault and other renowned makers. 




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