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form 219 - March/April 2008

Our Cover Story: Sports Clothing
Sports clothing is a billion-dollar business that lives off engine rooms such as sports stars and the big names in the scene. However, companies such as Nike, Adidas and Quiksilver earn the most money with everyday lifestyle, real innovations are rare. There is a lack of industrial and fashion designers who use new materials and technologies to create products which are actually new. How do we get designers involved? We show how the creators of Arc’teryx have changed the aesthetics of outdoor clothing and how a highly complex foam was used to make a cap which offers almost as much protection as a helmet.  


Lombardo’s Lovables
Formerly Art Director of “Spex”, today Mario Lombardo is in charge of a completely different magazine, namely Berlin-based “Liebling” which is double the format size and is printed on newspaper. For us, Lombardo presents those magazines which inspire him most.

Design for the Showcase
Increasingly, designers are once again creating china figurines, vases and plates. We offer an overview of the latest works by Barnaby Barford, Studio Job and Marcel Wanders – and explore the strategies of the traditional porcelain manufactories.




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