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form 220 - May/June 2008

Our Cover story: Designing with Images
Creative heads are regularly faced with the task of selecting or commissioning photographs to illustrate articles. We asked the three renowned art directors Erik Kessels, Vince Frost, and Mirko Borsche which photographers they like to work with and asked them to briefly explain their reasons for valuing their work in particular. Out of three suggestions in each case we selected Thomas Mailaender, Nadav Kander, and Heji Shin, whose works we present in this edition. 


Coffee compact
The Swiss manufacturer Jura has launched the world’s thinnest fully automatic coffee machine on the market. The model Ena is barely wider than a sheet of paper. Have a look at the development process from the design to the product.

Fly may bug!
The Hamburg-based designer Julia Stoess does not specialize in furniture nor fashion nor jewelry, but insects. We found out how she designs these true-to-nature insect models which are enlarged by factors of up to 100.




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