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form 221 - July/August 2008

Our Cover Story: Very graphic: Furniture Design
Graphic and furniture designers are no longer going their separate ways. Now, a new generation is taking up where all-round designers such as Behrens, Le Corbusier and Bill left off. Recently, graphic designers have been creating large room installations and designing whole furniture collections, and product designers are drawing inspiration from graphic design. They are using pictograms, pixels and folded paper models to transfer them into the three-dimensional. We present current examples from the realm of cross-border disciplines. 


1968 and design
It is always the same clichés which obstruct our view of 1968. Yet does ‘1968 design’ actually even exist? And if so, how did the ‘Year of Revolt’ actually change design? We take a look back and ask what remains of the formal utopias.

Market overview
Ever since the prices have fallen significantly, every graphic designer and product designer has been able to benefit from 30" screens. We compare five current models and show you what to look out for when deciding to buy.  




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