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form 222 - September/October 2008

Cover Story: Let's talk about Colors!
Long gone are the days when new products exclusively hit the stands in black or white. Today, colors play a crucial role for the success of new packaging, a car or a logo. So it is all the more important to set the right tone. We asked eight renowned designers from widely differing fields how they tackle the issue of color. How many colors can a product have? How to change the corporate color? How important are color trends? For the answers, read our new issue. 


Finishing Section
Danish graphic designers Hvass & Hannibal have designed five pages exclusively for us and we are presenting these with different print finishing technologies. We provide an in-depth presentation of the duo and their playful, colorful designs

Monitor calibration is essential for print color matching – and today a simple thing and very quick to do. We compare five current systems and show you what to look out for when deciding to buy.




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