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form 223 - November / December 2008

Our Cover Story: Transforming Inspiration
A design which simply appears out of thin air is very rare. There are always past ideas involved: the drafts, prototypes and predecessor models. Yet how is the new created from the old? We show you the creativity that lies behind a redesign process and how different the results can be. And we take a look at a very special form of conceptual development, namely, the homage. Alluding to famous image ideas can be refreshing and surprising – but also problematic. Gerrit Terstiege presents contemporary and historical examples from advertising, graphic design and editorial design. 


Making of
The Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola worked for four years on her probably most exciting project at present: Landscape is Urquiola’s first design for a porcelain service. We show the design process of the seven relief structures for it.

The significance of design history is underestimated by many universities especially in Germany, says Siegfried Gronert. In his essay he deals with the question: “Why design history?”




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