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form 225 - March / April 2009

Our cover feature: Electrifying autos!
Whether economic crisis or energy crisis, the automobile industry has been particularly badly hit. What now for this industry? One option is the development of electric cars. All the major automobile manufacturers and even electricity companies are working on electric engines and zero emission vehicles – and they require a completely new design. Here we present promising concepts. In our form discourse section Peter Naumann, Professor of industrial and vehicle design in Munich, calls for car designers who are not just interested in styling, but who also solve problems: For them the crisis could become an opportunity. Moreover we take a look at the vehicle class which is selling well at present, namely, small cars. Lutz Fügener tested the new Ford Ka for form.


The concept cook
She staged a funeral meal completely in white, served on plates made of dough and with grilled downtown pigeons. “Eating designer” Marije Vogelzang discovers the poetic-artistic side of eating. A portrait of a pioneer of food design.

Worthy of a movie
Be it 312 minutes on formative designs from the Citroen DS to the iMac or a 175-minute declaration of love to Helvetica, an increasing number of films and DVD editions are being devoted to design. We set out on a search – and even found what we were looking for on YouTube.




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