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form 226 - May / June 2009

Our Cover Story: Informal information graphics
A genre reinvents itself. Only a few years ago there was hardly a designer around bothered about them, today info-graphics are akin to visual fireworks. Computer-generated visualizations break with previously standard formats and create graphics which are complex in terms of content and visually appealing - but which also have hidden dangers. Karianne Fogelberg spoke with leading info-graphic designers and reports on the fine line between info-design and “info-porn”, a frenzy of effects with no real advantage.


Portrait: Oded Ezer
The Israeli designer produces graphic characters out of nowhere and develops typographical sperm. You could consider him crazy. Or an ingenious visionary.

Special issue Materials
“Materials for designers – the Magic of Materials“ is devoted to new reactive materials. Plus: Interview with the British material expert Chris Lefteri.




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