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form 227 - July / August 2009

Our cover feature: Web Design now
Our standards concerning websites have gone higher, including online designer portfolios. But how should you present yourself on the Net after the Web 2.0 euphoria? Our writer Florian A. Schmidt had a look at the commercial highways and sub-cultural side streets of the World Wide Web. His theory: We are currently experiencing a period of extremes, both in terms of technology and form. On the one hand we come across excessive, multimedia Flash fireworks on the Net, for example on the ironic-idyllic Website of the New Zealand-based agency resn, which graces our cover page. On the other however, stylistically extremely reduced, low-tech sites enjoy great popularity. Some produce artistic innovations, while others make use of prefabricated building blocks. Why has it become easier to create a Website and at the same time more difficult to make it stand out?


Rams speaks up
Dieter Rams reports in an in-depth interview on the development of design processes at Braun, and explains why he has always hated renderings.

The Mr. Matter-of-Conscience of the Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, Dr. Rainer Erlinger, questions in our form discourse the morality of design. Are there, for example, good and bad forms? 




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