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form 232 – May/ June 2010

Cover story: The Passion of Illustration
We set off on our search for young, promising illustrators – from Berlin to Barcelona, London, Paris, and San Francisco. Across 27 pages, we will introduce six of those who particularly caught our attention. These creative minds work in a wide range of different fields and they are very independent. In fact, we encountered anything ranging from hairy monsters on bikes to bizarre-looking birds on skyscrapers, from fine illustrations through collages to comic Lego installations and graffiti in cities. There really is a lot to discover!

Have a look!
Thanks to Issuu, you can have a detailed full-screen look on some pages of the new form and the table of content. You just have to click on the picture above! 


Have a look at our cover!
Did you have a look at the new form in the dark? Gerscher Druck has enhanced our cover with noctilucent colors by Belgian specialist Unico - in different tones! Which one is on your cover: green, blue or orange? The tiger was designed by Claire Scully (read more about the British illustrator on page 46).;;





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