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form 234 – September / October 2010

Cover Story: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
We take you to a world full of visual atrocities and formal torturing techniques. In our lead article, art historian Annette Tietenberg explores the boundaries between kitsch, art, and downright ugliness. We have also compiled and analyzed a whole host of tasteless samples from the world of product and graphic design, among other things Volker Albus does not hold back with his aversion towards Karim Rashid. However, at times the ugly can be so terribly beautiful that one simply cannot stop wanting more. By way of example, Claus Richter makes confession of his passion for brightly colored plastic toys.

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Further topics
Making of: Oil Spill Killers. Making a Virtue of Errors: how a software bug led to the creation of a very impressive poster series, presented here on special papers. Dutch Furniture Sculptures: The work of Dutch designer duo Laurens Manders. A Head Full of Ideas: designers’ sketchbooks. Scripting the Internet: all you need to know about WOFF and Typekit. The Sound of Typography: Ruedi Baur's design for the Elbphilharmonie. How German Is German Design? Bazon Brock tells it all.




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