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form 239 - July/August

Cover story: The Fight

Just what is happening to the HfG Ulm? The building designed by Max Bill is shortly to be rented out and is currently being modernized – and tinted blue window panes are being fitted. The modernization of the school is turning into a battle over its material and intellectual legacy. Oliver Herwig paints an atmospheric picture of the controversy between advocates and opponents of the alteration work. We persuaded Gui Bonsiepe to give us hi s take on the current developments. And René Spitz, a well-known expert on the history of the HfG and administrator of the photographic estate of Hans G. Conrad, comments on the latter’s images in an extensive article.

Other topics

We look back fondly on our editor-in-chief of many years Karl-Heinz Krug, who died in May, and the legendary designer Kurt Weidemann, who died in March. Barbara Schär takes an in-depth look at the graphic novel and presents extraordinary examples from the wealth of recent publications. In Berlin, the new airport is scheduled to begin operations in 2012 – Matthias Beyrow writes about its corporate design. The striking photographs by Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre show the ruins of Detroit. Gerrit Terstiege spoke to the French duo. What novelties did the Milan furniture fair have to offer? Franziska Beyer checks them out in Milan. And in the discussion column Michael Haverkamp considers the opportunities offered by holistic design beyond the sensual borders – under the label “synaesthetic design”. 
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