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Soviet Modernism

‘Soviet Modernism 1955–1991 / Unknown Stories’ disabuses the reader of any possible preconceived idea that Soviet architecture consisted entirely of prefab apartment blocks by presenting a plethora of examples to the contrary. This publication is far more than just a catalogue to go with the exhibition of the same name at the Architekturzentrum in Vienna, which runs until 25 Feb 2013. In fact, it might be better to say that the exhibition serves as an introduction to the catalogue. The essays, which were specifically written for the book, go much more deeply into the local architectural differences in each country and present a much more richly layered range of views. The variety in the design and thematically arranged picture archive in the appendix also underline the outstanding quality of this publication. RJ

Katharina Ritter, Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair, Dietmar Steiner, Alexandra Wachter (eds.)
Sowjetmoderne 1955-1991 / Unbekannte Geschichten
German or English
Park Books, Zürich
358 pages
ISBN 978-3-906027-13-5 (ger.)
ISBN 987-3-906027-14-2 (eng.) 

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