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The State of Classical Modernity

In the belief that their works were far greater than mere ends in themselves, many famed and much-admired designers of the 20th century generated concepts that embodied not only issues of social or general interest, but also quite concrete state structural ideals. Daniel Damler critically explores the nature of these concepts in one of his academic lectures. In doing so, he doesn’t get lost in melancholic, misty-eyed reveries about minimalism, modernity and transparency. Instead, his unusual point of view shows what damage design is capable of and makes it clear that sustainability relates to more than just our ecosystems. RJ

Daniel Damler (author)
Wissenschaftliche Abhandlungen und Reden zur Philosophie, Politik und Geistesgeschichte; Band 71: Der Staat der Klassischen Moderne
Duncker & Humblot, Berlin
137 pages
ISBN 978-3-428-13956-9 

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