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Analysing Prototyping

In this collection of interviews and essays, the editors emphasise the process-based, universal character of prototyping and explain how we are moving further and further away from traditional model making. Only a fraction of the book deals with actual craftsmanship however; instead the authors highlight the sociological and cultural aspects of this essential area of product development. The unusually philosophical handling of this theme calls for a very clear layout and unambiguous language. Yet while the clear design of the book meets these requirements, it is hard to understand why the editors were not able to settle on one language. One essay in English and another in German would still be reasonable, yet to change language, sometimes midsentence, is confusing and absolutely unnecessary. RJ

Julian Adenauer, Jörg Petruschat (eds.)
Prototype! Physical, virtual, hybrid, smart. Tackling new challenges in design and engineering.
German, English
form+zweck, Berlin
320 pages
ISBN 978-3-935053-60-0

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