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Culture is Everywhere

A gathering of graphic design projects for cultural institutions, museums and theatres shows posters, flyers, typefaces and advertising that is also accompanied by good context visuals. The book is a telling indicator of the dramatic rise in the level of sophistication in cultural branding over the last decade as well as the quality of documentation provided by its designers, which is often as involved as the designs themselves. Notable too is how
typography has absolutely come into its own as a design discipline. Highlights include Ludovic Balland’s (form #244 Carte Blanche) work for the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw and Demian Conrad’s poster campaign for the Lausanne Underground Film Festival. The accompanying preface, written by graphic designer Anna Sinofzik, addresses the abundance of ‘culture’ in contemporary society, the accompanying plethora of institutional and creative identities, the problems associated with their accumulation and how each seeks to draw the spotlights towards their particular project. SL

Introducing Culture Identities: Design for Museums, Theaters and Cultural Institutions
Robert Klanten and Anna Sinofzik (Eds.)
Gestalten, Berlin (Pub.)
256 pages
ISBN: 978-3-89955-474-8 

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