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DIY Screen-Printing

In his unusual diploma dissertation, the young graphic designer Benjamin Kivikoski delivers not only a manual for screen-printing, but also proves that his instructions work. The overall result is impressive: with guides to making stencils and prints as well as suggested exposure techniques. The heart of the publication, however, is a set of instructions for building the Serigraf 2000 screen-printing machine. The construction process is explained simply and in detail, with useful illustrations. The dissertation was self-published over a period of six months using two different machines: a conventional semi-automatic screen printer as well as the self-built Serigraf 2000 to create samples and various colour prints. Kivikoski made only 70 copies, so anyone wishing to buy one should hurry. SoS

Benjamin Kivikoski
Serigraf 2000
Kivikoski & Staege – Ateliergemeinschaft für visuelle Kommunikation
36 pages

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