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For Fixie Fetishists

Prague’s ‘Pedal Project Mag’ is not just a magazine about bikes – it’s a magazine about the lifestyle associated with fixed-gear bikes, i.e. those with just one gear and no freewheel mechanism. The ‘fixie’ has long since outgrown its niche role as the transport of choice for hip bike couriers, so it seems fitting that the Pedal Project people should combine their love of these bikes with design and art. In addition to aesthetic photographs and product news, each issue contains a pull-out entitled (P)ART, in which an artist presents his or her own take on a particular theme. The biannual publication is still in its infancy but, judging by the first three issues, offers an attractive mix of content and design. SoS / AN

Pedal Project
Pedal Project Mag 1–3 (published twice-yearly)
Czech, English
90, 132, 120 pages
€3, €7, €8 

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