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Behind the Scenes – Stories from the Design Industry

This new book by Hanna Nova Beatrice, design critic and founder of “Plaza Deco” magazine, offers an insight into the future of the furni-ture design business. Via articles by the likes of Johanna Agerman Ross, editor-in-chief of “Disegno magazine,” and “Domus” editor Joseph Grima, the book shines a light on the technological changes of our age and their consequences for the design world. The authors tackle topics such as new strategies in financing and distribution, the importance of PR and marketing, and the role of designer as a producer. It also looks at how furniture production could be radically transformed in the years to come. SoS

Hanna Nova Beatrice (Ed.)
Behind the Scenes – Stories from the Design Industry
Arvinius Förlag AB, Stockholm
208 pages
€ 39
ISBN 978-91-85689-59-0 

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