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The Industrial Forms of Wilhelm Wagenfeld

In a 1968 catalogue text, Wend Fischer (director of the International Design Museum Munich from 1965 to 1979) described the work of Wilhelm Wagenfeld as “zeitgemäß und zeitbeständig” (“contemporary and enduring”). Functionalist in nature, Wagenfeld’s mostly glass and metal creations, of which there are over 600, remain influential to this day; with many held by leading museums and a number even still in production. Although numerous books dedicated to the designer have been published in recent decades, the years between 1923 and 1949 – one of the most significant periods of Wagenfeld’s career – had, up to now, not been as thoroughly covered as others, due to damage sustained to his workshop during the Second World War. The result of painstaking research, this new book from the Wilhelm Wagenfeld Stiftung fills that gap and will likely become an essential reference and study aid for museums, collectors and auction houses alike. AN

Wilhelm Wagenfeld Stiftung (Ed.)
Zeitgemäß und zeitbeständig, Bd. 2 – Industrieformen von Wilhelm Wagenfeld
H. M. Hauschild, Bremen
292 pages
€ 39.50
ISBN 978-3-89757-482-3 

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