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Jurriaan Schrofer – Restless typographer

After publications on the work of Herb Lubalin (see form 244) and Ken Garland (form 245), Unit Editions now brings us this small, slim volume on the letterforms of Jurriaan Schrofer. Featuring an open, black-stitched spine and a clean design, it reflects Schrofer’s interest in a range of disciplines and subjects and introduces us to a man who thought of himself as akin to a film director (i.e. the leader of a team), but also as an inveterate tinkerer (he loved losing himself in the details of typographic experiments). Besides being a talented designer whose output spanned many decades, Schrofer was also something of a thinker, a fact that led Wim Crouwel, a great admirer of Schrofer’s work, to remark: “Schrofer was the intellectual amongst designers, who are after all just a bunch of glorified bicycle repairers.” AN

Adrian Shaughnessy, Tony Brook (Eds.)
Jurriaan Schrofer (1926–90). Restless typographer
Unit Editions, London
144 pages
£ 25
ISBN 978-0-9562071-8-0 

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