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Entirely without words, “RUGABU” tells the tale of the Tiru people, who live in harmony with nature, until one day one Tiru sets himself above another and cuts down a tree. As in other stories by Reto Ehrbar, partner and founder of the Schweizer Raffinerie AG für Gestaltung, “RUGABU” takes place in the world of AGABU (the acronym stands for “Alles Ganz Anders Bei Uns” or “Everything Ticks Differently With Us”), with thought provoking intent. The story consists of one continuous picture in Japanese binding, which if fully extended, would reach a
length of more than 10 meters. The first edition is published as 2,000 numbered copies. AN

Reto Ehrbar
bilgerverlag, Zurich
96 pages
sFr. 39
ISBN 978-3-03762-032-8 

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