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“One day a being from the eastern frontier of the world set out in search of the mightiest of all rulers.” This is the opening sentence to Markus Färber’s new book “Reprobus”. Like the banks of the river separating this world, two narrative strands are contrasted in his illustrated tale: One in highly reduced drawings, the other atmospheric and rich in details, but both dark and brooding. Initially, both strands are imperceptibly interwoven, maintaining a cryptic distance without the involvement of the reader’s fantasy. “Reprobus” is the free interpretation of the St. Christopher legend, to which the illustrator and author has lent a new iconic visual quality. Through the density of the black and white oriented picture realms, in which light and shadow play a great role, the centuries old narrative material takes on a timelessness all of its own. CB

Markus Färber
Rotopolpress, Kassel
96 pages
€ 22
ISBN 978-3-940304-76-6 

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